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Wrist watch cell phone PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 23:58

Wrist Watch Cell Phone


In today's world of technologically advanced electronics, it is not at all unusual to find products that are multifunctional and highly appealing, such as the cell phone watch. Manufacturers are constantly evaluating their competition and striving to produce products that are a step above what others in the industry are offering. The cell phone industry is highly competitive due to the fact that individuals everywhere are always seeking innovative ways to communicate on a mobile basis. The "Spy Watch" has always been a product that has inspired us in cartoon shows and movies. What better way for a company to make their mark on the cell phone industry than to create a multipurpose wrist watch cell phone?


The cell phone watch is actually several different products in one. First and foremost, it is a standard watch backed by a futuristic design. It is also a cell phone. In addition to having the ability to communicate time and allowing you to communicate with others, it also has an integrated color video camera built into the design. The best part about the built in camera is that it is not obvious to others that it is there. This is very similar to the popular spy watch that is often seen on television! This amazing cell phone watch supports mono based blue tooth technology, and even permits you to listen to stereo music!


In evaluating the cell phone watch, you will find that it has a 1.3 inch screen that is LED and has the touch screen technology built into it. The resolution of the screen is 160x128. Since the screen is a true color unit, it can be clearly seen both in the sunlight and at night. The design is a quad band design that uses stainless steel in order to ensure that the spy watch is highly durable. There are many frequencies that the wrist watch cell phone can support. These include frequencies as low as 850 and as high as 1900 MHZ. The internal memory is an amazing 512KB and it has the capability of supporting a card that is 1G-4G TF.


The cell phone watch supports blue tooth 2.0 and also supports WAP. Considering it is in the form of a watch, it always individuals to enjoy hands free usage. When playing formats on the cell phone watch, you will find that is supports many different formats. It acts as both a MP3 and MP4 player and when playing music files, you may play those that are WAV and AAC. Additionally, it supports MIDI files too! The video feature of the cell phone watch is able to support both video and pictures. It is an amazing 1.30 Mega Pixels and supports the 3GP and MP4 video formats. In addition to this, it is also able to support the video format of MPEG.


In addition to the features already stated, the cell phone watch also acts as a FM radio so that the wearer may listen to their favorite radio stations. You may schedule the spy watch to turn on and off at certain times and you may even store memo messages in the device. Many individuals also enjoy the fact that the wrist watch cell phone has a built in calculator and that it can store eBooks! There are many languages that the device can be used in. An example of the languages available includes English, French, Dutch, and others. This means that no matter where you are located in the world, or what language that you speak naturally, the cell phone watch is so versatile that it can meet the needs that you have as an individual.


While it is true that the wrist watch cell phone may be purchased and used by any individual, there are many professionals that may benefit from this type of spy watch. Those that work for law enforcement agencies, government offices, and the military may find this type of device to be complimentary to their professional capacity. In addition to this, those that work in security and even the field of private investigation may discover that the cell phone watch is a beneficial accessory to their career. Whether you are a citizen in the private sector or one that works in a field that would benefit from the spy watch, the cell phone watch is a highly innovative device that is likely to be beneficial in more ways than one!

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Countersurveillance PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 April 2009 15:24

Based in Torrance, CA, has the expertise and inventory to meet all surveillance and spying needs. Combining the facilities of a brick-and-mortar storefront with the virtues a retail website in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, offers the best of both worlds.

The names of the game in surveillance and spying are discrete, secret, and/or hidden. A good example of the principle is the Telespy Motion Detector Telephone Alarm System. This is an ordinary landline telephone until the motion detector is tripped. Then the phone silently dials the owner?s number with the alarm, and then allows the owner to listen to whatever is going on near the phone for 30 seconds before re-arming itself.

 Shopping for a surveillance detector can easily result in a dizzying array of options. alone sells the Spy 22 Analog and Digital Bug Detector, the Radio Frequency Counter, the Pro Extreme Wireless Camera Hunter, the Pro Extreme Laserscan Hidden Camera Locator, and the Personal RF Detector. All of these are excellent products, but each one is specialized for zeroing in on a particular kind of surveillance. Making sense of these choices is not as easy as it seems, because it requires real expertise to match your needs to the actual devices you are likely to encounter. For example, Pro Extreme makes two types of camera finders: one uses lasers to detect even hidden lenses with ease, making it perfect for finding either wired or wireless cameras. The Wireless Camera Hunter, on the other hand, looks for and the taps into wireless camera signals, allowing you to see what the cameras see. Which of these systems best suits your needs, and how they should be used, depends a lot on the kinds of cameras you are likely to encounter, and that is where the advice of an expert becomes invaluable. Who better to tell you where you are likely to find wired and wireless hidden cameras than a person who sells them?

An advantage of doing business with a merchant that has a storefront operation is that you can either go to the store in person and consult with them on what the best product is for your particular needs. Even if you cannot go visit Torrance in person and consult with two decades of experience in surveillance technology, the fact that they are there and doing business means an online shopper can simply pick up the phone and call them. This is not the case with most online-only businesses, which use call centers staffed by people who may know little or nothing about the products they are tasked to sell.

These advantages are particular to a brick-and-mortar store. The added advantage of combining the a brick-and-mortar store with a substantial retail website are that you can go to the store in person, shop, check out your options, and postpone making a decision for a later date. With the information in hand, you can go home, mull the matter over, perhaps double check the places you wish to secrete your spy gadgets, and then make the purchase online. Just because it is to your advantage to go to the store in person to look at the merchandise does not mean you need to go back to purchase it! has been in the surveillance business since 1989, and maintains their main office in Torrance, CA. They also have a commercial agent in Brazil. All shipping is done on a ?Signature Required? basis, and they have a strict, non-disclosure policy for customer protection.

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Micro eye Ball Camera PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 March 2009 15:46


Introducing the MicroEyes ball camera

In today's world, a lot of us would like a little extra security such as that surveillance cameras provide. The problem is, if you want to have that extra security, you might think that it would involve a lot of costly equipment and installation services. Or, maybe you want to keep track of people's activities in your home, such as if you have a nanny or housekeeping services come and you want to make sure that your children are safe or that your property is not being taken.

If you put traditional surveillance cameras in, not only are they expensive to install, but they can also be pretty useless, since people can see them and therefore can curtail any unwanted activities. This might be useful, but if you really want to know what's going on, you'll want to keep tabs on them without them knowing they're being watched. What do you do about this, then?

There's a new product out there called the "MicroEyes ball camera," and it's everything you could want in a surveillance camera. "Installation" takes seconds, because you really don't have to. You simply tuck it away in an unobtrusive corner, cabinet, anywhere you might want a surveillance camera to be, and it records everything for you.

What does the MicroEyes ball camera have for you?

The camera itself is ping-pong ball sized, tiny but with a lot of power. It's motion activated, so there's no need to turn it on or off manually. Whenever there's motion, the camera itself will record whatever's going on, so you can see any activities you might need to be privy to. After that, it shuts off so that you waste neither power nor recording time. A single charge lasts between 24 and 48 hours, depending on whether or not the camera is continuously "on."

Other uses, too

It's not just for security purposes, though. In fact, you can take the MicroEyes ball camera to record anything you might with a traditional DVR, only you can tuck it into pocket or purse and take it with you anywhere you go.

What do you get what the MicroEyes ball camera?

With an 8 GB micro ST card and 24 hours of continuous record time, this MicroEyes camera has other unsurpassed features too, including a TV output port, MPEG 4 compression, 128 MB of internal flash memory, and much more.

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Spy Equipment and Surveillance Gear - SpyBase Brings the World of Spionage in From the Cold
Friday, 06 February 2009 00:36
The world of James Bond is full of beautiful women, fast cars and epic battles with evil doer’s intent on destroying the world. But in the real world of espionage and personal security your main gadget is not your Walther PPK or your black tailored tuxedo. Today’s spy has greater use of his fully encrypted cell phone as a way to thwart the bad guys and with information being the highest valued commodity on the market, the protection of your company’s or your own personal communications is top priority.

SpyBase, located in Torrance, California, has been in business since 1989 and offers a wide range of spy equiment and surveillance gear for the every occasion and use. Everything from video recorders, cameras mini transmitters, surveillance hidden cameras, tasers, telephone security devices and so much more is all at your disposal and at competitive prices.
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